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Upcoming changes to the integrated Kube cli

Fabiano and Michal are putting the finishing touches on integrating kubectl into the OpenShift all-in-one binary.  Kubectl has replaced kubecfg (openshift kube) upstream, and we are going to make that replacement in the next few weeks as well by dropping openshift kube.

kubectl is verb focused but should be familiar to kubecfg users.  Some of the flags have changed, but for the most part it's 

    openshift kubectl <verb> <resource> [<name>] [-f <path>|-] 

The base verbs are get, create, delete, update, and describe.  To get a list of a type say "get pods" or "get builds". "describe" is a wordier version of get which also integrates other information that's related.  So "describe service foo" shows you info about a service and its related pods.

Note that "-f" replaces "-c" from kubecfg across all commands.  You can read from stdin via "-f -".

The extra commands that OpenShift added to kubecfg carry over to kubectl - apply, process, build-logs.  Some of those will show up upstream soon (apply is being replaced by a much more powerful and flexible mechanism), but will remain here until we get to late beta.

New commands will start showing up soon for the openshift user cli and the OpenShift admin cli which offer more targeted flows (for instance, creating a ruby app with a db and a source repo and a build all at once).  More exciting stuff is planned, like exporting an entire namespace to config files (that you can import into a different Kube deployment), upgrading a Kube app to an Openshift app, integrating the composable tools in the Kube contrib/ package to import docker images or containers, simple generation of services and apps, and eventually, import from OpenShift 2.x apps.

We'll cut a new binary release soon that includes kubectl and the stable v1beta1 api - if you have questions or find bugs please ask here or open bugs on GitHub.  Thanks again to Fabiano and Michal!

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