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Suggestions for image repository rename

Right now the ImageRepository resource creates a virtual docker image repository for tracking and maintaining images outside the a Docker registry, so an admin can switch from one docker registry to another without affecting their app.

The terminology for a Docker image repository is intended to match a Git repo - each layer has an ID, and tags (like branches, tags, and HEAD in Git) refer to an ID.

The concern has been raised that using the name in both places - referring to an OpenShift image repository (tags and pointers to images by id across many registries) and a Docker registry image repository is confusing - and that it would be better to have a similar, but not identical names.

Originally, we used the word Image Stream to represent the fundamental mapping here - a user refers to it by name "foo", but the actual image at any point may change as security updates or new fixes become available.  Consumers like deployments or builds take a reference to an image stream rather than to a docker registry directly.  So it's literally a stream of images flowing through apps.

Are there any other name suggestions, or arguments people would make for or against calling this noun "Image Stream" instead of "Image Repository"?  I'd like to get this closed out when we introduce v1beta2.

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