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Kubernetes rebase completed


New from upstream:

* ResourceFitScheduler and SpreadingScheduler 
  - more sophistication about scheduling pods onto containers based on predefined capacity
  - We're starting to match 2.X scheduling capabilities upstream now.
* Namespaces have been added to the core resources
  - allows subdivision of resources among different people
  - projects in OpenShift will be built on top of this
  - still a work in progress
* Refactored the Kube client to make it cleaner and easier to configure
* Early support for authenticating from clients
  - Includes TLS certificate authentication and the --insecure_skip_tls_verify for when you want to test SSL
* Better log output at the default visibility 
  - `openshift start` should be a lot less chatty, will continue to clean this up
* For those without access to the internet, allow 'kubernetes/pause' to be parameterized
  - Set "KUBERNETES_NETWORK_CONTAINER_IMAGE='animage'" when launching `openshift start`
  - You can also pull and tag an image as 'kubernetes/pause' locally now and it won't reload it
* Pods can set the "pull policy" for images to "never", "always", "if not present"
  - Means you can build images locally and not have to have them on the docker hub
  - Pulls to registries are now rate limited, Kubelet won't slam the DockerHub or your private repo
* Getting very close to having event reporting from the Kubelet back up to the central system
* Kube-proxy (services) now support UDP as well as TCP
* Watching via the REST API now returns errors as part of the watch when a failure happens
  - You'll get a "type": "Error" and an api.Status object as "object"

Be aware:

* Service variables will change somewhere in the future to "<servicename>_SERVICE_HOST" when services get assigned their own static, magic IP

Clayton Coleman | Lead Engineer, Red Hat OpenShift

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