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Downloadable carts and reflector fixes for SSLv3 bug

Hi there.

After half the world disabled it's SSLv3 support, downloadable cartridges has stoped to work when using HTTPS manifest files on OO release-3. the problem lies on HTTPClient gem, which seams to use SSLv3 by default and refuses to switch to TLS on-the-fly.

We have patched r3 in order to allow TLSv1 only on downloadable carts: https://github.com/getupcloud/origin-server/commit/8212fdf2c6eed36900237ff13cb38a22329dceec

Could someone please validade if it's ok, and point any other place we may be ignoring?

Also, if you have your own running cart reflector, here is a patch to allow it to download from github: https://github.com/smarterclayton/cartridge-reflector/pull/9

Mateus Caruccio
Master of Puppets
+55 (51) 8298.0026
gtalk: mateus caruccio getupcloud com
twitter: @MateusCaruccio

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