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Re: Clarification on Docker in OpenShift

Hi Ben, Thankyou so much for clarifying things, its very helpful. 

I went through these links you shared 

it means it supports these as cartridges? what if user has to use other things mysql, tomcat etc , he will have to build it by his own or OpenShift will provide those in later releases?

For your information I am able to run origin alpha release in Fedore installed in vagrant now :) https://github.com/openshift/origin/ , there was some issue with repo cleaning, I raised it in their git repo ,  seems it has been resolved.


On Thu, Aug 28, 2014 at 7:24 PM, Ben Parees <bparees redhat com> wrote:

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> Subject: Clarification on Docker in OpenShift
> Hi,
> I need to have some clarification on Docker in OpenShift.
> 1) Application Portability - Lets say I have an docker image which installs
> wildfly/jboss or tomcat and deploys a war file into this. Can we deploy this
> docker image in OpenShift without any extra configuration required?

It's our intent to support arbitrary docker images running on openshift.  "No extra configuration" is a pretty absolute statement that I don't think we can promise, but we do intend to extract metadata from the docker image where possible and guide users through the deployment of such an image.

> 2) Existing Cartridges availability - As I understand docker packages
> everything required to run an app in a single container, like I have given
> example of deploying jboss app where docker itself is getting Jboss server
> and deploying application. So in newly OpenShift release having docker
> implemented will consist existing cartridges ( web and database etc) or user
> will have to install everything manually using docker images. Please clarify
> on this concept .

We'll have some first class images that we maintain+support for running on openshift, just like today.  You can see the beginnings of that here:

> 3) Docker in Origin V3 : There is already a Origin repo available which has
> docker integration here https://github.com/openshift/origin/ , is it only
> available for testing purpose giving feel of how docker will be implemented
> in future for production release? what if I have to deploy application in my
> private paas origin installation ?

That repository is the working repo for our v3 effort (equivalent to origin-server for v2), so it will evolve over time into the production release.  However at the moment it should be considered to be very very alpha.

> i tried running that with the given commands on Fedora instance but faced
> some issues. can this only be tested with RHEL or it will work with Fedora
> too?

It does work on Fedora (fc20 at least), though I know there have been a few gotchas with go-lang packaging issues and possibly other things, so you'll have to elaborate on the issue you're hitting.

> Please clarify these things , will be really very helphul.
> Thanks,
> Priya
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