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Fwd: Re: Contribute to OpenShift 3!

Sorry, pressing reply did not add the list.

Dear Harrison,

thanks for the invitation early in the design process. Kubernetes looks
as a reasonable platform to start from.

One of the assets of Openshift in my opinion is that it has a clear
workflow (based on GIT) and high level building blocks and it builds on
Web elements directly (DNS, HTTP, Enviroment vars).

My greatest difficulty in adapting openshift (as it is currently
working) is that it is quite monolithic. One example: We built two
separate infrastructures (for availability reasons). For this we had to
manually replicate the applications and had to take care that user IDs
were also the same. For us it would be easiest to see an application as
a configuration that can be executed by any Openshift infrastructure. A
distributed application (in terms of end-to-end functionality not in
terms of kubernetes) can be instantiated by the same configuration on
many infrastructures in the exact same way. Labels on kubernetes that
identiy pods could be an interesting way to target such configurations.

The second big thing is that we should make it easy to have fault
tolerant services (especially in terms of redundant runtime data).
Having GIT for the static part is great, but a node can always fail and
the runtime data has to be shared. I am also not sure (but I am not an
expert in these terms) about the cartridge vs application distinction.
It could be easier to have application/services that depend on other
applications/services. For instance a fault tolerant high available
database would be a shared service that one can use based on a defined API.


Am 06.09.2014 15:29, schrieb N. Harrison Ripps:
Hey all--
Just wanted to let you know that we've put up a contributing guide for our next-generation OpenShift system. You can read all about it here:


There you can see how to get set up with an OpenShift 3 development environment, where to find our roadmap, and which tasks are in the pipeline.

If you have any questions or comments about the guide, feel free to follow up on this thread.


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