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Re: oo-admin-geartop

On 10/09/14 17:59 -0400, Scott Dodson wrote:
This[1] is an updated version of the geartop[2] script that Kenny
Woodson and Andy Grimm put together a few months ago.

Changes from the original :
 ** obtains uid ranges from config

The uid values in /etc/openshift/node.conf are only used on non-districted nodes (and we now require districts for all installations as of ose 2.1). You will only want to use those values if the node doesn't belong to a district. I added support for this to oo-accept-node a while back (https://github.com/openshift/origin-server/blob/master/node-util/sbin/oo-accept-node#L443-L453)

 ** accepts command line args for interval, iterations, and sort order
 ** renamed to oo-admin-geartop

I wanted it to be discoverable via tab completion but I'm not sure
oo-admin-geartop is the best name, suggestions? Feedback welcome.

You may want to submit a PR for feedback, makes it easier to comment on specific sections of code.  You can prefix the PR with [DO NOT MERGE] to make the intent clear that it is for feedback.

1 -
2 -


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