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Upcoming Kube rebase next week

Depending on timing we'll pick up a new Kubernetes version on Monday or Tuesday.

Folks who own the components below are on the hook to prepare your fixes and help me do the rebase.

Things coming from upstream:
* privileged containers (affects build)
* restart policy (affects build and deployments)
* runtime.Object refactor (affects everyone, will probably do find and replace)
* Storage -> REST object rename (consistency, please apply in your components independently)
* API versioning feature and updates to client and server to take API versions as arguments (this may not make it, but I'll take the brunt of this)
* updates to kubecfg (needs an owner to port any upstream changes on top of our fork)

If you have an outstanding pull upstream that you think needs to get in for this rebase please reply to this thread and we'll make a decision to wait or hold.

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