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Parsing statistics and admin-console API?


I was just curious, is anyone familiar with a possible way to link perhaps gear ids --> districts --> profile sizes? I'm working on something to be able to parse the data from oo-admin-ctl-usage into usable statistics, but the missing component is gear size.

I'm aware there is oo-admin-usage which gives me exactly everything I need, apart from the one issue that it requires an username input. 

There also seems to be an API for the admin-console, documented here, https://github.com/openshift/origin-server/tree/master/admin-console/app/controllers/admin_console/api/search

This would be my preferred method, however it's expecting a few parameters:
{"error":{"code":"EX","message":"The parameters specified produced a query which would return all objects, please provide a more specific query."}}

My rubyfoo is weak, I've tried a few things like querying:

But that's giving me nothing back, tips and points would be much appreciated.


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