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Re: Upcoming Kube rebase next week

> On Sep 12, 2014, at 1:10 PM, Clayton Coleman <ccoleman redhat com> wrote:
> Depending on timing we'll pick up a new Kubernetes version on Monday or Tuesday.

Update: Dan Smith and I are trying to land some largish refactors to the API code so this is a day or two behind.

> Folks who own the components below are on the hook to prepare your fixes and help me do the rebase.
> Things coming from upstream:
> * privileged containers (affects build)
> * restart policy (affects build and deployments)
> * runtime.Object refactor (affects everyone, will probably do find and replace)
> * Storage -> REST object rename (consistency, please apply in your components independently)
> * API versioning feature and updates to client and server to take API versions as arguments (this may not make it, but I'll take the brunt of this)
> * updates to kubecfg (needs an owner to port any upstream changes on top of our fork)
> If you have an outstanding pull upstream that you think needs to get in for this rebase please reply to this thread and we'll make a decision to wait or hold.

Anyone blocked by needing something from upstream?

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