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Re: Treating Nodes like cattle

On 23/09/14 07:37, Romain wrote:
An other thing: the ActiveMq Routing SPI is not notified when `oo-admin-repair --removed-nodes` is called and remove gears.

Want to open a bug for this?  It actually sounds like a bug that was fixed a little while back though.  It's possible your version still has the issue.

2014-09-23 11:31 GMT+02:00 Romain <filirom1 gmail com>:
Hi Dan,

I tested it with 2 nodes in 2 zones with an HA application.

I shutdown the node where the head gear was running.
And I called `oo-admin-repair --removed-nodes`.

The console fails on my application page, until I update mongodb

> a = db.applications.findOne({_id: xxxxxxx })
> a.gears[0].app_dns = true
> db.applications.save(a)

This is a bug if it fails to load.

Deployments were not pushed to the broker until I force OPENSHIFT_GEAR_DNS to equal OPENSHIFT_APP_DNS for the new head gear.

$ cp /var/lib/openshift/542132c82ae26179ff00002e/.env/OPENSHIFT_APP_DNS /var/lib/openshift/542132c82ae26179ff00002e/.env/OPENSHIFT_GEAR_DNS

To make my application HA again, I update mongodb

> a = db.applications.findOne({_id: xxxxxxx })
> a.gears[0].host_singletons = true
> a.ha = false
> db.applications.save(a)

And call `rhc app make-ha` again.

Do you kown if this is enough, or am I missing something ?

I am not sure if that surgery is enough.  I'd much rather see a solution where we recreated the head gear rather than change another gear to be the head gear.

I am not positive if you have done enough with the above.  At a min any git clones would be pointing to the wrong location.


2014-09-20 16:24 GMT+02:00 Dan McPherson <dmcphers redhat com>:
There is:

oo-admin-repair --removed-nodes


On 20/09/14 03:30, Romain wrote:
Hi there,

With the HA features, I was wondering if there is some tools to declare that a gear is lost forever. So it will remove the gear reference in mongodb, gear haproxy, DNS, gear registry...

I would like to setup OpenShift Nodes on ephemeral disks.


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