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Re: pull image from external registries


you must use the following option in your ImageStream definition:
openshift.io/image.insecureRepository: "true"

like here:

And indeed, that does not bring authentication support. But if your issue is only due to certificate signing, it should be a way to solve it.


On 7 December 2015 at 17:23, priyanka Gupta <priyanka4openshift gmail com> wrote:
hello , is there a way to import images from private external docker registry using "oc import-image" command.

This works fine with docker hub images, but I need to pull image from external registry to openshift imagestream using "oc import-image" command.

how to set authentication to work with this?

whenever I try to run below  command: 

oc import-image myrepo:5000/mysql test/mysql

It gives below in error:

E1207 04:24:51.103594    4913 factory.go:49] error checking for V2 registry at https://myrepo:5000/v2/: Get https://myrepo:5000/v2/: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

Thanks a lot in advance!

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