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v0.2.2 pushed to Hubs (beta1 rc1)

The v0.2.2 tag, binaries, and images are on GitHub and the DockerHub.  When you run this version, images will be version locked.  Change logs are up on GitHub (I'm sure I forgot something, of course).

Begin forwarded message:

From: Clayton Coleman <ccoleman redhat com>
Date: February 3, 2015 at 8:42:17 PM EST
To: Openshift Dev <dev lists openshift redhat com>
Subject: Images used by Openshift can now be version locked and bumped

Pull https://github.com/openshift/origin/pull/861 changes the Openshift master to, by default, qualify the images it tries to pull for infrastructure duties (openshift/origin-deployer, sti-builder, router) with a tag that matches the most recent git tag.  This will allow you to control how images and releases of Openshift roll out in your environment.

For example, after this change when a new build is kicked off the build pod will use this image: "openshift/origin-sti-builder:v0.2.1".  When we bump the github tag to v0.2.2, binaries built with that tag will automatically use the newer tag when pulling.  This means when we rollout new binaries, the cluster will force refresh the newer infra images.

To use the latest tag, pass "--latest-images" to the master.  If you want to control where the images are pulled from, you can use the "--images" flag, which takes a format string for the images and resolves them.  The format uses standard bash substitution (${var}) and supports three substitutions today, "component" (required), "version" (the version tag), and "shortcommit" (the first 7 characters of the commit the binary was built from".  For example, to pull openshift from your own registry, do:

    openshift start master --images='myregistry.com/openshift/os-${component}-${version}'

This will try to pull router, sti-builder, docker-builder, etc from the myregistry.com/openshift/os-router-v0.2.1 repository.  Note the single quotes to prevent the shell from expanding those variables.

Also, we are now using "openshift/origin-pod" instead of kubernetes/pause - there will be a brief period tonight where the docker Hub doesn't have that image, but I will fix that asap.  I will also cut a 0.2.2 release tomorrow that has this change.  If anyone hits problems let me know.

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