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Application programming on cloud

Hi All,

We are providing private cloud infra for our clients in India. We provide private cloud infra using linux and cloudstack. We have sucessfully configured and giving demos to our clients using cloudstack.

Iaas is perfectly working for us now. I am looking at open source Paas like openshift etc next, which should'nt be a major problem. 

My question is:
Do you have any or can you provide reference for any book or reading  material, for developing java and php applications on top cloudstack. We will be developing applications like that used for banking, insurance,  portals etc etc, running on top of cloudstack.

I am looking for something like the following, but in a more detail  manner, basically a book or a pdf file, while details, the apis used to develop cloud apps, with practical examples (mongo db, something like  glassfish server etc on cloud, and the api's to leverage this cloud setup):


Thanks & Regards,

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