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Changes to e2e test behavior - will now use images from last hack/build-images

In order to guarantee that both the build output (what gets pushed to the DockerHub) and the tests are running on specific images, I'm changing hack/build-images.sh to tag the images with both "latest" and the last commit hash from Git, and hack/test-end-to-end.sh will now use the Git commit hash as the --images tag to the server.

What this means:

* If you are running hack/test-end-to-end.sh locally, it will try to use the images from the last `make release` you did.  
  * If those images don't exist it will fail
  * If you manually updated an image after the last release build, the image will only get used if it has the same tag
* You can delete _output/local/releases/.commit to have e2e use the images tagged "latest"
* You can set USE_IMAGES="openshift/origin-\${component}:mytag" to use an arbitrary tag on e2e tests.

Changes are part of https://github.com/openshift/origin/pull/1054 which will merge today.

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