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vagrant up --provider=libvirt

For those of you who want to just bring up a VM and start hacking on OpenShift v3, but don't want to install proprietary VirtualBox on your free Linux workstation... I published some boxes you can use with vagrant + vagrant-openshift + vagrant-libvirt.

See https://github.com/openshift/vagrant-openshift/blob/master/README.asciidoc for general usage and libvirt specifics. The following:

$ vagrant origin-init --stage inst --os (fedora|centos7) <instance name>

... should automatically get you a .vagrant-openshift.json file configured to use one of these boxes under the libvirt provider:

These are (currently) exactly the same content from the corresponding virtualbox images, just consumable by libvirt and named the right thing.

Let me know if you try these. I ran them before uploading and they seemed fine, but you never know how things will work in someone else's environment.

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