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Re: "provisioning" external endpoint

Provisioning an "external" endpoint is outside the scope of this feature. In most cases, OpenShift will not have control/access to provision the external endpoint. This feature merely talks about OpenShift being able to configure/create the endpoint 'manually' for an external service.


From: "Erik M Jacobs" <ejacobs redhat com>
To: "Openshift Dev" <dev lists openshift redhat com>
Sent: Monday, February 23, 2015 1:22:12 PM
Subject: "provisioning" external endpoint

Hi all,

I just saw this:

Which is super duper awesome.

But, conceptually, I don't think that kubernetes has a "pluggability" to
its workflow where we can actually provision that endpoint.

For example, this would be great if we wanted to talk to an Amazon RDS
instance, but it will only work if that instance already exists.

Is there any thought about enabling the provisioning of the endpoint as
part of this process? Maybe some modification/enhancement to
deploymentconfig or something?


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