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Re: "provisioning" external endpoint

Hi Abhishek,

On 02/23/2015 04:31 PM, Abhishek Gupta wrote:
> Provisioning an "external" endpoint is outside the scope of this
> feature. In most cases, OpenShift will not have control/access to
> provision the external endpoint.

Why do you feel that to be the case? I can think of a large pile of
organizations that wanted to do exactly this with V2. For example, the
following user story is pervasive:

* given an existing database cluster
* as a user I want to
* add a database to my application which
* creates a user and database and etc. on that existing database cluster

> This feature merely talks about
> OpenShift being able to configure/create the endpoint 'manually' for an
> external service.

I understand what the current feature description does. That's why I
asked if a different feature, provisioning the endpoint, was on the map


> Abhishek
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> Hi all,
> I just saw this:
> https://github.com/openshift/openshift-docs/blob/master/using_openshift/integrating_external_services.adoc
> Which is super duper awesome.
> But, conceptually, I don't think that kubernetes has a "pluggability" to
> its workflow where we can actually provision that endpoint.
> For example, this would be great if we wanted to talk to an Amazon RDS
> instance, but it will only work if that instance already exists.
> Is there any thought about enabling the provisioning of the endpoint as
> part of this process? Maybe some modification/enhancement to
> deploymentconfig or something?
> Cheers,
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