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Re: PHP Hot Deploy and APC Settings

Hi Diego,

As you know, apc.stat is ON in development mode and OFF by production mode by default.
Using "development mode" is not OK for you?
You can change your runtime environment by simply running  rhc env-set APPLICATION_ENV="development"/APPLICATION_ENV="Production" -a <yourappname>
followed by a rhc app restart -a <yourappname>
NOTE: In development mode, Xdebug extension will be also enabled.

apc.stat ON by default for production mode has been intentionally set. Although this bz1082554 is for PHP5.4, please check it out.



On Wed, Feb 25, 2015 at 4:45 AM, Diego Spinola Castro <spinolacastro gmail com> wrote:
My php-5.3 cartridges is behaving odd when the hot_deploy marker is present, the code doesn't get updated after a deployment. Looking at the apc.ini template, i can see that apc.stat= setting based on application mode.


I'm looking for a better approach since hot_deploy is very handy.

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