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UI e2e tests added to hack/test-end-to-end

The hack/test-end-to-end script will now run a small set of UI tests at the end if the TEST_ASSETS=true env variable is set. ( once this PR merges https://github.com/openshift/origin/pull/1097 )

** the jenkins merge queue IS going to be gating on these tests**

Currently these tests validate:
1) That the UI login flow is functional
2) That the e2e-user is able to see the sample project created during the end-to-end test script 3) That we are able to get various openshift/k8s resources from the API successfully (checks that certain things appear in the projects overview based on what is created during the end-to-end test)

Be aware that if you modify what is created by the end-to-end test script you may also have to update the UI e2e tests found under assets/test/e2e. In order to run the UI e2e tests you need the asset dependencies installed, run hack/install-assets.sh to get the dependencies (or to update them)

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