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Re: Missing gem when running oo-admin-* script

Hi Kenjiro,

Thanks for the reply. I disabled rvm, and used the ruby that come with CentOS 6 system and it works again.

- JC

On 31/12/14 6:01 pm, Nakayama Kenjiro wrote:
Hi Jimmy,

What OS and its version are you using? I hope you are using RHEL6 or CentOS6, but according to your ruby version I guess you are using Fedora.
(I think origin-server is *not* tested in Fedora's latest version.)

Anyway, following steps will help your issue.

activesupport-3.2.8 is provided through RPM pacakges(RHEL6/CentOS6), so first of all please check your rpm package with this command.

  [root vm ~]# rpm -qa |grep activesupport

Next, if you don't install above RPM package, please install with yum command like this, and please check you could install appropriate version.

   [root vm ~]# yum install ruby193-rubygem-activesupport
   [root vm ~]# rpm -qa |grep activesupport

But if you cannot resolve your issue, please check if any error was out to your log which was created in "/tmp/openshift-deploy.log" during oo-install.


On Wed, Dec 31, 2014 at 6:21 PM, Jimmy Chu <jimmychu hkwtf com> wrote:
Hi all,

I have installed OpenShift Origin with a 2-node deployment. One node for Broker/Namerserver/etc, and another node for "Node", with the "oo-install" method. Afterwards, I am trying to run admin tool such as `oo-admin-ctl-user -l <usernme>`, but returned with:

Error while loading gems for the broker:
Could not find activesupport-3.2.8 in any of the sources
This usually means gem RPMs have been updated and Gemfile.lock is stale.
Please restart the openshift-broker service to update it, and try again.

I have run `gem install -v <version> <gem>` manually for a few times, but realized this couldn't be the right solution. What is the proper way to install back all the gems required for all oo-* scripts?

fyi, I installed ruby 2.1.5 with rvm systemwide/multi-users installation.


- Jimmy Chu

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