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Deployment resource to be deprecated in favor of ReplicationControllers


We intend to deprecate the 'Deployment' resource[1]. Deployments will now be represented directly by ReplicationControllers used in conjunction with DeploymentConfigs. For now, the Deployment resource is still accessible via the REST API and CLI, but is not used to drive any system behavior. Here are some important details about the change:

* Since deployments are now just a specially annotated ReplicationController, REST API and CLI users should turn to the ReplicationController resource to inspect deployments.

* The web console will continue to present deployments the same as before the change.

* Prior to this change, it was technically possible (but not entirely supported) to POST a new Deployment resource directly to invoke a deployment even without a DeploymentConfig. As of this refactor, all deployments will be produced indirectly in response to DeploymentConfig triggers, and POSTing a ReplicationController directly for a deployment is unsupported. While the previous capability was not documented or promoted in examples, it was possible, so the change is notable.

More technical detail and background information is available on the PR[1] and linked issues. Please speak up with any questions or concerns.

-- Dan

[1] https://github.com/openshift/origin/pull/584

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