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Re: features in origin V3

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> From: "priyanka Gupta" <priyanka4openshift gmail com>
> To: dev lists openshift redhat com
> Sent: Thursday, January 15, 2015 4:01:39 AM
> Subject: features in origin V3
> Hi ,
> I need clarification on below points, had asked before also but didn't get
> ant response. Please help me with these.
> 1) Suppose I have my apps running in origin and I want to migrate those apps
> to Enterprise Version 3 or Origin M5 which will have docker integration. How
> to migrate those to enterprise V3 or M5 , I assume "ose-upgrade" tool is
> only provided for enterprise , not origin. How we can do this for origin.A
> ny changes needed in config/ deployment/ env vars etc ?

This story isn't complete at the moment, but it is likely you will need to take the source for your v2 application and deploy it on v3, where it will be rebuilt into a docker image and run on v3.  Depending on the nature of your application and how certain v3 features (eg services) evolve, you may or may not have to modify the application source as well.

> 2) what new features in V3 we can leverage i.e. we are doing something in
> current version and that may get supported in V3 too but may also be done in
> better ways?

I'm not sure I understand the question but I can't think of anything that's coming in v3 that you could prepare for by taking action in your v2 apps/deployments today.  The things that are changing will be so different that you couldn't build around it in v2 because the function doesn't exist there, and the things that will be similar in v3 you wouldn't need to change your v2 app for.

In general for v3 we're trying to keep the app development experience similar (see the Source-To-Image project for how we're trying to make that happen with docker images), the big changes will be that some of the limitations that exist when running in a v2 gear will be lifted by virtue of running in a docker container in v3 (eg localhost binding).

> would be waiting for the reply..
> thanks in advance!
> Thanks,
> Priya
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