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Diagnosing and debugging travis failures in the static asset build for v3

Some of you may have noticed the travis builds started failing on the TEST_ASSET job yesterday afternoon, here is some info so that everyone is aware of how to debug and resolve this issue to unblock the merge queue.

If travis is failing on the TEST_ASSETS=true job, check for this line in the output:


If after the line about validating bindata.go you see _any_ diff output, like in the above example, then an upstream npm or bower dependency has most likely changed its source without bumping its version number (this has happened several times for various dependencies, shame on them)

Fixing it:
Just follow the steps here:
(note: if you haven't run install-assets.sh before it has a lot of npm dependencies to download and install, so give it some time)

Please mention @jwforres or @liggitt in the PR with the fix to bindata.go so that we are aware of the change.

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