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HAProxy redirection issue in Openshift v2 scaled app


I encountered a problem of the HAProxy incorrect url redirection recently in a scalable app. Would like to see if it is something you have encountered and solved.

I have Openshift Origin M4 setup. I deployed a scalable app with haproxy/php-5.4, and a mysql-5.5 gear. I git cloned the code repository down, and updated with the latest Wordpress 4 code. I updated wp-config.php accordingly, replacing all db connection parameter to OPENSHIFT_MYSQL_B_* env vars.

Finally, when I launched the website root url, I expect it redirects me to /wp-admin/install.php as this is the first time the wp site is accessed, but instead it redirects me to/haproxy-statuswp-admin/install.php. I experimented a bit. I can manually access /wp-admin/install.php (loaded perfectly). I can also access /readme.html with no problem. It is when I access /index.php, it redirects me to /haproxy-statuswp-admin/install.php instead of /wp-admin/index.php.

I don't know how the php redirection and HAproxy redirection got mixed up here. Does anybody got any idea on this?

Thanks a lot

- Jimmy Chu

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