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Re: Changes to Image data storage in etcd

Here is more information about this change.

When retrieving an image from a Docker registry, you are required to request the image in terms of an image repository. This ensures that you have the proper permissions to access the repository and therefore the image content within. The actual image data might be tagged into multiple image repositories, and rather than duplicating the storage of this data in each image repository, image data can be stored globally to save space.

We have moved images so they are no longer stored under a namespace. In a follow-up PR, we will be restricting access to /images only to authorized system components such as the integrated registry. Users will need to use the following APIs to retrieve image-related data (using busbox as an example):

/imageRepositories/busybox - to get information about an image repository and its tags (included historical tag data)
/imageRepositoryTags/busybox:latest - to get the Image resource currently tagged busybox:latest
/imageStreamImages/busybox@<id> - to get the Image resource from the busybox image repository with id <id>

We may add GET /imageStreamImages/busybox to get the list of all images ever tagged into that repository

If you have existing image data and you want to continue using an existing installation, the 2 components that currently make use of that data are new-app and the web console. If you want to continue seeing images you had prior to the PR mentioned below, you’ll need to repush each image to your OpenShift registry so it can populate the data in /images appropriately.


On Mar 13, 2015, at 2:37 PM, Andy Goldstein <agoldste redhat com> wrote:

With https://github.com/openshift/origin/pull/1223, the Image resource has been changed so images are no longer namespaced. If you have existing namespaced Image data in etcd and you upgrade to the latest OpenShift that includes this PR, you will need to re-push your images to your private OpenShift registry.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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