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Re: Introducing 'osc login'

*cheers* \o/

The users (and their administrators) will thank you!

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From: "Fabiano Franz" <ffranz redhat com>
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Sent: Monday, March 16, 2015 6:07:14 PM
Subject: Introducing 'osc login'

The 'osc login' command were merged[1] earlier today featuring a lot of improvements in terms of usability for users of the OpenShift v3 command line tools. 

This new command is intended to be the "entry point" for first-time users, featuring not only the negotiation of a session token with the OpenShift server, but also an interactive setup flow for configuring the command line tools. Basically when running 'osc login', users will be presented to an interactive process that will ask a few questions (server URL, credentials, etc) and in the end will *automatically save* a config file compliant with .kubeconfig that will later be used by every subsequent command.

Were also added OpenShift-specific ways for providing a config file: the path to a config can now be provided by either the --config flag, OPENSHIFTCONFIG env var, ~/.config/openshift/.config file or .openshiftconfig file in the current directory (some of these path names are still under discussion).

Notice that a couple things that were originally part of this pull request, like user-friendly messages with colors, were not merged and will be in forthcoming improvements.

Finally, the package also introduces the 'osc project' command that can be used to either display the project currently in use or switch to another project, through 'osc project <project-name>'.

End-user docs will follow. Please let us know if you have comments or suggestions.

Fabiano Franz 

[1] https://github.com/openshift/origin/pull/992

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