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v3 web console will now be collocated with API server and console context root is configurable

Once [1] merges several major changes are happening with the hosting of the console:

1) the v3 web console will be on the same port as the API server by default
2) the console will be available at the "/console" context root by default
3) the asset server bind port and public URL (including customizing the context root) can be modified in the config file ( see `openshift start --write-config` )
4) the "/" path on the API server will now either:
- redirect to the AssetConfig.PublicURL if the accept header on the request includes "text/html" AND if AssetConfig.PublicURL exists in the config
    - dump JSON containing the available API paths in all other cases

So the end result is that now (by default) if you hit https://<master_ip>:4443 in your browser you'll be taken directly to the web console.

These changes have additional implications for anyone developing the web console, see [2] for more info.

[1] https://github.com/openshift/origin/pull/1458
[2] https://github.com/jwforres/origin/blob/unify_assets/assets/README.md#navigation

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