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Re: [OpenShift OSE3] multi-tenant Load balancer question

Hi Sylvain,

I think I understand your question. Assuming you are using HAProxy --

* You will be able to provision multiple routers
* You will be able to configure different routers to watch for different
things (only route specific labels or etc)
* You will be able to configure different domains to be served by
different routers.

I believe this is called "sharding".

This will be configurable at the administrative level, not configurable
by the end user.

The way the HAProxy router works is as follows:

* The container for the router has both HAProxy as well as the OpenShift
* The "plugin" for the HAProxy runs in the OpenShift software and
listens to the OpenShift master. It watches for changes to Route resources.
* The "plugin" understands how to dump configuration for HAProxy

If you look at the beta3 training material
(https://github.com/openshift/training) you will see how we look at the
HAProxy configuration pools that the plugin inside the container creates.

I hope this information helps.

Erik M Jacobs, RHCA
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Red Hat, Inc.
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On 05/05/2015 06:05 AM, Dejardin Sylvain wrote:
> Hello Everybody,
> Question regarding load balancer other than the default one HA proxy,
> another one like Load balancer Big IP F5.
> Why using F5 ? It is the frontend we are using also as (WAF / Web
> Application Firewall)
> In OSE2 : only one pool is used to be managed by openshift OSE2 in order to
> address a load balancer F5 type, for multi-tenancy purpose it is a problem
> for us.
> In OSE3 : having more than one pool is possible? or a configurable pool
> dedicated per client or per application is it possible? 
> Thanks,
> Best regards,
> Sylvain Déjardin  Senior Middleware Engineer – Linux & Application Services
>  Tél. +352 26 06 1 sylvain dejardin ebrc com
> EBRC  5, rue Eugène Ruppert, L-2453 Luxembourg  www.ebrc.com

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