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Re: About oo-install-<datetime>.tgz

Hi Jimmy,
IIRC, the oo-install tool is in github by the following url.
You can see the git log (or git diff) to show the differences.

Zamir SUN

2015-05-06 11:31 GMT+08:00 Jimmy Chu <jimmychu hkwtf com>:

We are working on the openshift v2 in production env, and is installing openshift with the `oo-install script`. We have been using openshift for about half an year and see that `oo-install` also got updated along the way, particularly it is referring to a new file at `https://install.openshift.com/oo-install-20150505-1447.tgz` recently. Is it possible to download back the previous version (`oo-install-20150316-time` one), and is there a log to see what got changed between the two versions?


- Jimmy Chu

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