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DNS default paths are changing

The default DNS pattern for OpenShift is changing to be aligned with upstream Kubernetes.


* The default suffix for cluster DNS is now ".cluster.local" instead of ".local".  
  * This value is part of your config, so you must manually make this change if you have an existing installation
* The service name pattern is now "<name>.<namespace>.svc.cluster.local" instead of "<name>.<namespace>.local"
  * The additional path segment allows us to introduce new behavior in the future
  * The behavior of this path is the same as before - for normal services, returns the portal IP, for headless services, returns A records representing each endpoint pod
* A new endpoints name is exposed: "<name>.<namespace>.endpoints.cluster.local" that ALWAYS returns the A records for services
  * If you want to query the IPs of pods in a service (or DNS names in an external service) use this name
* SRV records are now significantly enhanced: the port name and protocol are used to create SRV records that point back to the endpoint
  * If you give your service ports a "Name" they will show up under the SRV records, e.g. a port "foo" over "tcp" will be "foo.tcp.<servicename>"

This is a breaking change (due to the addition of the 'svc' part to the name).  Will be part of 0.5.2.

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