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Re: v0.5.2 released [updated: begin moving to v1beta3!]

At this time we recommend everyone begin moving your examples and API usage to v1beta3.  To convert files from old versions to new ones, you can use the "origin-version-change" command in the source tree (similar to kube-version-change upstream).

To build the command, run

    $ hack/build-go.sh cmd/origin-version-change

A binary will be created `_output/local/go/bin/origin-version-change` that you can copy onto your path.

To convert a file on disk:

    $ origin-version-change -i <file> -o <outputfile>

You can instruct the version change command to write to the v1 format as well (currently identical to v1beta3, but may diverge slightly soon) using `-v=v1`.  I do not expect substantial changes between v1beta3 and v1, but any that do happen will happen in the next two weeks.

----- Original Message -----
> https://github.com/openshift/origin/releases/tag/v0.5.2 has been released.
> An important fix is that containers are now properly garbage collected on
> nodes which should reduce the impact of containers that fail on the node.
> We're starting to prepare for release candidates - v0.5.3 will probably be
> rc1, and subsequent releases will integrate stability, security, and
> performance fixes.  v0.5.3 will make v1beta3 stable and introduce the v1
> release candidate API, as well as switch stable storage to v1beta3.

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