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Standard docker install - kubelet issues

I am running through the standard openshift origin install, using docker:

sudo docker run -d --name "origin" \
        --privileged --net=host \
        -v /:/rootfs:ro -v /var/run:/var/run:rw -v /sys:/sys:ro -v /var/lib/docker:/var/lib/docker:rw \
        -v /var/lib/openshift/openshift.local.volumes:/var/lib/openshift/openshift.local.volumes \
        openshift/origin start

on my fedora system. I am able to log in and I am able to deploy a registry, however, when I try to do a development request:

and run the command: oc new-app openshift/deployment-example:v1

I end up with the following event:  no nodes available to schedule pods

When I go and grab the: 'docker logs origin' I see the following indicating a network issue:
nable to construct api.Node object for kubelet: can't get ip address of node laptop-name: lookup laptop-name: no such host
I tried adding mDNS as per the instuctions here: (though I realize that is the older version of openshift): https://docs.openshift.org/origin-m4/oo_deployment_guide_vm.html

So now I am stuck, it must be a networking issue, but not sure how to go any further....

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