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keystonepasswd auth


I was looking at trying the keystone password authentication. While there is some missing directive in the documentation :


things are working and i could properly auth my openshift user with my keystone username/password.

The only caveat is that in OpenStack we usually need to specify a tenant_name/id for the user to auth with, by default if I understand correctly gophercloud would try to match the provider from the argument provided :


which in this case if no tenant_name are specified would do a tenant_name==user_name like done by default on Rackspace Cloud (gophercloud is written by rackspace)

So now the question is how can we improve this and be able to specify a tenant_name in there? Since most of deployed OpenStack clouds would have multiple users scoped to different tenants

We could do some hackery things like having a delimiter like colon : to be able to split those as tenant_name and user_name which is something we did on swiftclient sometime ago but that's not very openstackish and was more of hack that need to be supported forever (i implemented that :(( )

We could add a switch like --keystone-tenant-name or something but i guess that would pollute the login if we want to add more stuff.

Maybe using the openstack environment which is a standard way in OpenStack for the clients to use would be an option :


which would be transparent for the user since they would have only to download their openrc from openstack dashboard (horizon) and just issue a oc login to connect (which could be only a fallback to the current method)

What do you think?


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