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Re: AWS ELB Configuration for Multi-Master

Hi, Isaac,

I have some experience in using that setup. Not sure why aren't you able to see the logs at all, but the setup I used successfully is the following:
- TCP load balancing on port 443
- ELB idle timeout maxed out, so that you don't get disconnected while looking at the logs or executing commands with oc (or kubectl) exec.

On Tue, Dec 6, 2016 at 8:04 PM, Isaac Christoffersen <ichristoffersen vizuri com> wrote:
Is there guidance somewhere to show how to configure the ELB for a Multi-Master configuration in AWS?  I am having issues with websocket disconnects in the web console.  Specifically, I'm seeing server interrupted messages and I'm unable to view the logs or terminal for a pod.

I've tried both the classic ELB and the new ALB and am still getting disconnects.


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