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Re: Linux on s390x release binaries for OpenShift Origin

Probably the easiest integration would be to set up a Jenkins Job that can use a Z instance on linuxone as a worker and build from latest master.  Alternatively, if you have a Jenkins instance under your control you could do your own setup and builds and we can link those in to the release process.

Since images have to be built and pushed somewhere that the instance has write credentials, it might be more appropriate for those destination Docker repos and the instance itself to be handled by your team.  We wouldn't want to have credentials to the CI instances exposed accidentally.

On Mon, Dec 12, 2016 at 11:47 AM, David Edelsohn <dje gcc gmail com> wrote:

OpenShift builds and runs natively on IBM z/LinuxONE (Linux on s390x)


We at IBM would like to generalize the OpenShift configuration for
multiple architectures (without special patches) and have binaries
available through the OpenShift Origin release page.

IBM provides free access to Linux VMs through the LinuxONE Community Cloud


that can be used by the community for builds.

What are your recommendations about how to proceed?

Thanks, David

P.S. We also would like to connect to the CI system, but Travis CI
does not support s390x.

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