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Re: Error TeardownNetwork

On 12/30/2016 05:11 PM, Mateus Caruccio wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> I'm seen this event message a lot. Any clues?

It's harmless, and in the next release it will no longer get logged.
(The TeardownNetwork code was supposed to be idempotent, because
kubernetes ends up calling it twice in some circumstances, but we
weren't handling that correctly and logged that error if TeardownNetwork
got called a second time for the same pod.)

-- Dan

> Error syncing pod, skipping: failed to "TeardownNetwork" for
> "nodeapp-2-deploy_proj01" with TeardownNetworkError: "Failed to teardown
> network for pod \"8984da80-ced2-11e6-a95b-000d3ac02da0\" using network
> plugins \"redhat/openshift-ovs-multitenant\": Error running network
> teardown script: Could not find IP address for container
> 987cc40a64273f661082d0cc9bb6e017a869dc1627f1493cb11e8a37b1070020"
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