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"manifest unknown" test flakes

I've seen this twice in logging tests, in the ruby STI builder today and in the origin image last week, so I'm wondering if it's a trend.


Pulling Docker image centos/ruby-22-centos7 sha256:e5ebb014d02b5a7faa7b83f6c58f4cc4eb9892edbf61172e59f2ae1999982dc2 ...
I0608 01:08:34.707737       1 glog.go:50] An error was received from the PullImage call: manifest unknown: manifest unknown

The closest thing I could find under issues is https://github.com/openshift/origin/issues/9122 where it was reportedly due to the image being pushed by docker 1.10.

Is someone pushing our images to dockerhub with docker 1.10?

Builds run on CentOS7, don't think that AMI has docker 1.10 yet.

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