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Some s2i builds failing with "manifest unknown", also support for Origin for Docker versions

Users may have noticed a brief window between yesterday and today
where builds of our S2I based images began to fail with "manifest
unknown" if you were using Docker 1.9 and had pulled the latest
images.  We started building S2I images with Docker 1.10 and are now
in the process of reverting.

This is related to the change to the Docker Hub to begin accepting
schema2 images from Docker 1.10+ systems.  The consequence is that the
actual stored image is different, and you can no longer pull by digest
from a Docker 1.9 system.  We're going to continue building all Origin
s2i images using Docker 1.9.

An Origin 1.2 cluster or older can work with both Docker 1.9 and
Docker 1.10, although we recommend Docker 1.9.  If users wish to
upgrade to Docker 1.10, they should do that across their entire

Origin 1.3 will drop support for Docker 1.9 and require Docker 1.10.
Once Origin 1.3 is released, we will begin building images from Docker
1.10 and will not be usable with older clusters.  If you'd like to
continue using Docker 1.9, you should build those images yourself:

    oc new-build https://github.com/openshift/s2i-ruby.git
--context-dir=2.0 --to ruby:2.0

(which is also a great way to fork s2i and add your own customizations!)

Please respond with any questions.

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