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Re: [openshift-sme] Aggregating logs to Treasure Data via Fluentd through ELK stack


This card https://trello.com/c/dnFnE1j7/292-support-fluentd-out-secure-forward-as-an-alternative-to-es-copy-logging identifies the task needed to introduce being able to forward logs to an alternate aggregator outside of Elasticsearch.  It is currently not scheduled for a specific release.

On Wed, Jun 15, 2016 at 2:42 AM, Naoya Hashimoto <nhashimo redhat com> wrote:
Hi OpenShift Development Team,

Can we send logs to Treasure Data via Fluentd on ELK stack or is there
any plan to add such features in the Fluentd container image.
We have a customer called IDC Frontier, Inc and they are considering
of sending some logs (not all but just some) on containers by running
td-agentd background.

I checked the fluentd Dockerfile [1] and though that it will be
technically possible by adding the configuration of Treasure Data [2]
in the fluend directory [3]. However, I'm wondering if it is possible
or there is any plan to add such a feature in the future.

[1] <https://github.com/openshift/origin-aggregated-logging/blob/7d9966654abaa99cf9c2cb3298472c537db418d3/fluentd/Dockerfile#L29-L30>
[2] <http://docs.fluentd.org/articles/http-to-td#fluentd-configuration>
[3] <https://github.com/openshift/origin-aggregated-logging/tree/aad1232d8944c527432862cfd8ccc6848f6e7b75/fluentd/configs.d>

Naoya Hashimoto <nhashimo redhat com>
Red Hat Consulting, Red Hat K.K.

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