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building rpm packages to build rpm-ostree-based containers


I experimented a bit with using rpm-ostree to build minimal CentOS-based
Docker containers. In particular these containers don't have yum (or
python) installed.

That works pretty fine, and I'd like to use this approach to build
containers on openshift. Of course there could be a rpm-ostree builder
for convenience, but I am not talking about that (it works using
a custom builder as is). To build applications on top of these base
containers, I use rpm as build artefact (as Colin Walters somewhere
recommends himself) which I compose on top of the base image. Right now,
my custom builder builds the rpm right before composing the container,
before throwing away the (s)rpm. I'd like to separate these two steps
in openshift, preferably without using jenkins.

So I propose that there is a rpm registry that can be used as build
trigger automatically, analogous to the docker registry.
Also there might be a build-type that does not build docker containers,
but rpms.

What do you think?
 Tobias Florek

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