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Re: oc export

On Mon, Mar 14, 2016 at 11:13 AM, Tomas Kral <tkral redhat com> wrote:
Hi all,
I'm working on project where we are basically using `oc export` for
exporting project and importing it to another OpenShift instance.

But it is not working as I would expect.

My understanding of export feature is that it can be used to move
objects between clusters or projects and I can use `oc export all` to
move/copy whole project.

I've deployed MLB Parks sample application

Then I'm trying to move it to another project on same cluster using command:

oc -n mlbparks export all | oc -n import create -f -

​I'm not sure export is what you want when migrating to another project but I think you need to pass --as-template=<arbitrary_template_name>. It would also be better to be more selective in your export. Use the label selector so you just migrate the application and/or specify the objects you want.

oc -l name=mlbparks -n mlbparks export --as-template=mlbparks svc,dc,bc,is,route | oc -n import create -f -

But I get following errors:

Error from server: replicationControllers "mongodb-1" already exists
Error from server: Pod "mlbparks-1-build" is forbidden: unable to
validate against any security context constraint: ......

Rest of the error and all steps that I'm doing are here:

I'm running Origin v1.1.1

Is there something that is fundamentally wrong with my understanding of
`oc export`?


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