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Re: Outreachy Projects

Hi Jason,

That would be great. I understand the time limitation. I will look at the issues and start with something and let you guys know.


On Tue, Mar 22, 2016 at 12:36 AM, Jason DeTiberus <jdetiber redhat com> wrote:

Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately I don't think we'll be able to take on any additional applicants at this point. That said, we'd be happy to have you participate in our community. 

More comments inline.

On Mon, Mar 21, 2016 at 1:42 PM, Sonia Dalal <sonia12106 iiitd ac in> wrote:

It is late to start with the application process but can I contribute on some projects irrespective of the outreachy program? I would like to learn something new and gain some experience if I can be mentored.  

I found these two projects interesting :
I'm cc'ing Troy Dawson on this, as he is the one that has been working directly with the CentOS PaaS SIG (https://wiki.centos.org/SpecialInterestGroup/PaaS) on our team and can provide more information on work that may still need to be done.
  • Project 3: Learn Ansible internals and help us create FTL.
We are still working on getting the design documents worked out for the The FTL Installer project (https://github.com/ftl-toolbox/ftl_installer), but we'd be more than happy to work with you as we get those completed. This project is at the beginning design stages, so the work involved will be much more vaguely defined than the other projects that we run.

I have some experience with vagrant where I used it to setup Apache Storm for one of the projects (I used wirbelsturm for the deployment of storm). I changed the vagrant file to customize the nodes that were being deployed. I am familiarizing myself with Ansible and Origin.

We have quite a few outstanding issues in openshift-ansible that range from adding new configuration options to fixing issues with specific types of deployments. If there are any you see that you would like to help out with, feel free to comment on the issue to ask for some guidance on how to get started with it. 

Although I understand it may not be possible to accommodate me as all the mentors will be busy with the interns. But if it is possible then please let me know.

While we won't be able to devote as much time providing guidance and support as we do for our assigned Outreachy intern(s), we'll be happy to help you out where we can.

Jason DeTiberus

Sonia Dalal

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