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Re: Last minute submission for OUTREACHY!

Hi Mina,

There's still time to apply but you'll need to act fast.  Here's a task!

Add a workflow module and Workflow class to the ftl_installer module
that will eventually represent the Workflow format proposed here:

The Workflow class should:

1) Take a string argument that represents the location of the workflow
yaml file.
2) Store the contents of the workflow file as a native python datastructure
3) Have a method for returning a yaml representation of the internal
workflow representation.

Don't get too hung up on #2.  We realize it's not very well defined.
The idea is that this module will represent the API of the workflow
class and you might find that certain accessor methods are needed to
make the class easier to work with.  As you get in to the details I'm
sure you'll have questions and we can iron that out when the time
comes.  I suspect we'll update the Workflow format based on questions
you ask.


On Tue, Mar 22, 2016 at 1:49 PM, Mina Naghshnejad
<mina naghshnejad gmail com> wrote:
> Hello!
> I am applying for Outreachy and will have to submit my patch in the last
> minute,
> I am interested in
> Project 3: Learn Ansible internals and help us create FTL.
> I am a PhD student researching on Cloud infrastructure and want to do some
> open source projects at this point to get more in depth insight of
> real-world clouds.
> I have experience working with Python and always curious about learning new
> things,
> regards,
> Mina
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