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Re: Set https (tls) as default route

I’m running against OSE v3.1.1.6.  I created the default router with 

`oadm router default-router --replicas=2 \
    --service-account=router --expose-metrics \
    --metrics-image=prom/haproxy-exporter \
    --default-cert=/tmp/router-ose.pem \

I was hoping that `oc expose service ...` would default to tls if I knew the right knob to turn.

I looked up the `oc create route edge` command.  That’s great.  I think I’ll use that.  It appears to work against the OSE 3.1.1 too.

Thanks for the tip.

Brandon Richins

On 3/25/16, 4:23 PM, "Clayton Coleman" <ccoleman redhat com> wrote:

>Hrm - the default termination *should* be edge if the router has been
>configured with a default certificate and you don't specify a
>destination CA cert.  What version of the server are you running
>'oc create route' is the new mechanism for creating routes where the
>parameters matter - you can specify one of the three types of
>termination there.
>On Fri, Mar 25, 2016 at 6:11 PM, Brandon Richins
><Brandon Richins imail org> wrote:
>> Is there a way to set https as the default option when exposing service routes.  `oc expose service xyz`.  Right now we’re running `oc patch route xyz -p '{"spec":{"tls":{"termination":"edge"}}}’` after the `oc expose` command.  This works but I’d love to be able to skip this step and encourage https as the default.
>> Thanks,
>> Brandon Richins
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