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Path based routing howto

Hi all,

I ran into this ticket on github, where path based routing was discussed:
> https://github.com/openshift/origin/issues/6914

Could someone please point me to any examples / howto pages about how to do path based routing without forwarding the subpath to the container?

I created a CouchDB example project. If I configure a route for path '/' then I can access my futon gui remotely as:
But I would like to access couchdb futon gui via:
essentially using path-based routing to access different applications I'd deploy.

If the mycouchdb subpath is forwarded to the container, CouchDB will complain there is no mycouchdb available, which is true of course.

Thanks very much in advance,

David Balakirev, Senior Software Engineer

AdNovum Hungary Kft.
Kapás utca 11-15, H-1027 Budapest
david balakirev adnovum hu

Locations: Zurich (HQ), Bern, Budapest, Ho Chi Minh City, Singapore

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