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Re: connect to an external Kubernetes cluster

Ideally, we want to support running OpenShift masters as a pod on an underlying Kubernetes cluster by gracefully disabling features that are not yet in upstream Kubernetes.

There is a WIP pull request to automate deploying OpenShift as a pod to an existing Kubernetes that makes use of this feature via an experimental command.



On Wed, Mar 16, 2016 at 8:27 PM, <li guangxu zte com cn> wrote:

when run "openshift start -h" command in bash

the outputs show:

"You may also pass --kubeconfig=<path> to connect to an external Kubernetes cluster. "

so, I want to know if there is some example for this operation or some documents. Because when I try to use this configuration( --kubeconfig=<path>),

It seems to be not work.

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