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Approvals required for merge to origin/master as we close out 1.2

Since we're getting into the final stretches of 1.2, we're now in
approval mode for changes to be merged into master.  Only high
priority defects approved by leads / component owners should get the
[merge] tag.

Quick reminder:

1. Prioritize p0 and p1 changes over p2 and p3 - component leads use
your discretion on risk
2. Features, refactors, and other big changes should not be merged
until after we close out 1.2
3. Adding tests, fixing test flakes, improving tests are generally approvable
4. After you get review and a LGTM (or even before), be sure to ask
for approval on the issue
5. Leads / component owners please affirm whether the issue is
necessary for 1.2 on the PR
6. Only put [merge] on things that are approved

If in doubt, ask!

We should be reopening for 1.2.x in the next few weeks.

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