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Help needed testing new docker build functionality

As part of looking to support faster and more flexibility image
building under kubernetes, we've been prototyping a Docker compatible
builder that is not innately tied to the Docker daemon in Origin
(which would allow us to run a docker build inside a container
launched by Kube).  The utility code has been merged to master, and
we'd appreciate folks helping to vet it against the craziest images
you have.

With the latest master (and starting in 1.3.0-alpha.1) the

    oc ex dockerbuild

command will build a squashed image and commit it without invoking
Docker build.  It should be 1:1 compatible, but the more help we have
in validating that the better.  It should be dramatically faster
because it avoids layers, but be aware that it may be slower when
nothing has changed (it does no detection of when the input doesn't

If you try this and your image doesn't work, please open an issue to
Origin with the source repo you used.  We also need public repos to
add to the conformance test which does a byte-by-byte comparison of
the two files

Source code is here (may be spilt into a top level repo):


Conformance test is here:


We'd expect this in the future to be an option on the docker build
type (a "squash" flag or similar), but only once we prove out the

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