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oc env/oc volume in oc help?


For some zsh oc auto completion project we are using "oc help" to
generate the completion command.

I was suprised to don't see "oc env" and "oc volume" in there and
looking at the code I see :


// These commands are deprecated and should not appear in help
moved(fullName, "set env", cmds, set.NewCmdEnv(fullName, f, in, out)),
moved(fullName, "set volume", cmds, set.NewCmdVolume(fullName, f, out, errout)),
moved(fullName, "logs", cmds, cmd.NewCmdBuildLogs(fullName, f, out)),

is it "oc set env/set volume" deprecated?, would that be ok if I send
a patch to just add those command back in for example "Application
Management Commands" group?


[1] https://github.com/chmouel/oh-my-zsh-openshift: could not find a
way to get bash-completions to work under zsh or have cobra supporting
properly zsh

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